Entry 0003

=Routine Duty Exception Log 0003=

It occurs to me that 70 years ago, when the door to the Oubliette was last accessed, the captain and I were entrenched in the Mzithrin War. Curious – I cannot recall any data in particular about this time period. I shall begin self diagnostics immediately.

Facial recognition cogitators identify the 7th crewman as Chief Petty Officer Helion Fagan; responsible for a supply depot. Communication scans show no media of interest to this investigation, though internal audits point to careless record keeping. Verbal warning administered. Future examination scheduled. DNA scan does not match the blood from the Oubliette floor. I now need to find a Fagan impersonator. Technologies/phenomenon capable of duplicating visible appearance number too many to be meaningful… more evidence required.

Command meeting gave opportunity to deliver word of the opportunities awaiting in the Egarion Dominion. Captain will consider it, though seems concerned of the endless wonders that may await us there.

Entry 0003

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