Entry 0002

=Private Duty Exception Log 0002=

Readying drives and gellar field for trans-empyrean jump.

Captain hails for emergency terrestrial barrage of coordinates 31°8’15" by 29°58’31"
-Preliminary auspex scans identify target as a PDF missile battery. Target Atomized.
-Hail from planet forwarded to Starbug. Planetary defense is missing a desert.

Review of corridor tracking program reveals few surprises.
-Tight patrols and scheduled bodyguard shifts prove for highly disciplined honor guard. Commendable.
-Bulkhead door A89.3#D11.F-6 has engaged its emergency override. Investigation warranted as it’s last activation was 70 years previous. Captain to be advised and a much welcome investigation to commence.

Logic dictates that a coincidental disappearance of lay techpriest in neighboring quadrant is unlikely. Review of his personal files and access logs prove investigation into ship layouts for surrounding area of bulkhead door anomaly. Command agrees to investigate. I do so hate venturing below decks. Wretched creatures defiling the hull and slowly punching holes in her ancient frame.

Investigation leads to the decimation of several vile hull ghasts, and the discovery of a blessed sanctum the likes of which I have traveled the universe to find. And to have it right uner my nose! The secrets of the entire Coronado line stored within one vault. I must gain entry. I must knows it’s past. The progress to be made…

Oh yes,mention must be made of previous investigation path: lay techpriest and others with him are dead, carved up by an exceptional murder servitor, and a guardsman with inhuman dexterity and strength. they remain at large…

The Fantastic secrets…I think I will start with the door trap… It reminds me of stories of a lightening projector…

Entry 0002

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