Major: Deliver Lady McGuffin

SubPlot: “Motivate” the dig site – Kaminus-Hal

Subplot: Mizithrin Trade

Detail: Mr. Ket, of House Krynn, wishes to begin making trade runs to the Mizithrin subsector. He may be willing to purchase navigational data.

Subplot: Blockade Run (Ganf Magna)(900 point)

Detail: an imperial world settled by General Ganf has been excommunicated by a cardinal… with no reason given. The thousand or so colonists and the imperial armor garrison may be willing to trade for supplies.

  • Acquired supplies for the colonists. (25 ap)
  • Acquire bulk cargo ships. (300 ap)
  • Retrofit cargo ships (50 ap)
  • Peacefully bypassed the Arbites blockade (350 ap)
    *picked up the regiment (300 ap)
  • speedy evacuation (100 ap)

Tertiary: Commerce

  • +25 ap towards commerce mission.


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