Rogue Trader

God-Emperor's Log 1
Bob Made A Grown Man Cry
  • The senior officers of the Memoria Finitor met with Lord Admiral Sebastien Bastille VII and Lord Captain Anna Djany. From that they learned that some individual, group or entity forced other Rogue Traders from the bidding for their current Endeavor. They also received two cryptic warnings, “Beware Footfall.”
  • Explorator Kaminus-Hal made contact with some well-connected associates who offered him a substantial sum to check in on a joint operation they’re conducting with the Kasballica Mission on the planet Egarion Omega, and find out why they haven’t had more success in uncovering Halo Artifacts.
  • The Explorers attended a ball held by Esergi Krin, a minor member of the powerful House Krin. They rescued an underhiver named Brul from a performance of The Fall of Cyperen, and utterly humiliated Esergi Krin, while thoroughly terrifying his audience of minor planetary nobility. The entire crew gained the Talents Peer (Underhivers) and Rival (Nobility) which apply only when they are on Scintilla or interacting with people from Scintilla.

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