Simon Eli Aldred


Simon grew up like every other child on Cadia. Eager to serve in the Whiteshields and someday enter into the vaunted Cadian Regiments. However such was not to be his fate, from his induction into the Imperial Guard he proved an exemplary soldier. For him the Kasrkins awaited, thanks to his great abilities as a soldier and his families long reaching connections throughout the sector and beyond an officership was gained.

He gained the rank of major within the Kasrkin regiments, before he was able to venture beyond Cadia and begin exploring the Imperium at large. With his rank and connections he eventually made his way to the edge of the Kronus Expanse.

Standing at the edge of the Imperium Simon wishes to venture further and rediscover lost colonies of the Imperium and seeks to continue his fight against Chaos.


Simon Eli Aldred

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