Imposter-heir to a Rogue Trade dynasty.


The man who now calls himself Francisco Vásquez de Coronado was born on a Hive World in the Calixes. Sector. Which one? He couldn’t say. He lived in the sublevels, where even the light of the system’s primary, already dimmed by the everpresent pollution cloud, could reach.

As a boy, he taught himself to read (well enough), to fight (somewhat better) and to con (best of all). Having no name known to him, he went through several before settling on “Rex”, the name he would carry for the next 20 years. Rex was determined to make something of himself, to fight his way out of the squalor he lived in. People always talked about better lives, and even though he’d never seen evidence of such, he choose to believe there was more out there, waiting for him.

When the chance came to join the crew of a mighty void ship, he jumped at the chance. He blustered his way through an interview, and shortly found himself working the under decks of the Finitor. He quickly realized that life among the stars was not as glamorous as he’d been lead to believe. But still, he was being well fed, had accomodations, and was even being paid a salary.

Then everything went to hell.

Pirates of chaos assailed the ship from the depths of the warp. Fleeing their boarding parrty, Rex found himself in a large hold with a few hundred other survivors. The attack had gone on a long time, and it was clear to Rex that no new orders from the bridge we forthcoming. He resolved not to wait like a penned in sheep with the rest for the pirates to find them. He enactedd a plan…

He managed to covince several of the ranking shipmen in the hold that he was an officer of the ship, and that he’d been in touch with the captain. Ships internal comms had been cracked, he said, so the captains orders had to be passed by word of mouth.

In this fashion, he rallied the men of the hold, and began a fight through the belly of the ship. Along the way, they met with more surivors, and no shortage of chaosmen. Rex whipped the crew in to a patriotic frenzy, and eventually his band reached the bridge.

There, Rex killed the chaos pirate captain, and found the mortally wounded Rogue Trader,
Enrique Vásquez de Coronado. Coronado may have seen some promise in the wild eyed young man who had retaken the bridge. Or perhaps he just acted out of despiration. Eeither way, he bade Rex take over the Warrant of Trade, and Rex accepted his Captain’s final request.

Not quite knowing what he is in for, the young Hiver has become a Rogue Trader. The only person on the crew who knows that he is not the legitimate heir to the dynasty is a tech-adept who may be more than he appears. Hee has assembled a new crew, repaired the damage to the ship, and spent most of the fortune and favors alloted him just to get spaceworthy. Rex would like nothing more than to retire to a world with trees, but the Warrant makes demands of him. He must fulfill the conditions set forth within, or his life is forfeit.

He’s out of his depth, and he knows it. But maybe, just maybe, if he acts the part, the resst wil fall in to place.


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