Enrique Vásquez de Coronado


Enrique Vásquez de Coronado was a Rogue Trader, and the former Captain of the Memoria Finitor.

Enrique was the one who rescued the hull of the Finitor from the wreckage of a Space Hulk Gistrelock where it had crashed many centuries before. At the same time, he rescued the tech-adept Kaminus-Hal, and made him part of the Finitor ’s crew.

Years later, when his ship was attacked by space pirates, Coronado was mortally wounded in a firefight on the bridge. Aware of the importance of the Warrant of Trade he bore, he requested a young member of the crew take on his responsibilities. The young man, “Rex”, agreed. It is not known what motivated Enrique’s choice of replacement, but he did tell Rex to masquerade as his son to smooth the transition and avoid and uncomfortable questions.

Enrique Vásquez de Coronado

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