Rogue Trader

God-Emperor's Log 2

The Oubliette

  • On their return to the Memoria Finitor, Mecharius Xan’Tai recieved a telepathic warning that a SOM (Surface-to-Orbit Missile) battery was about to open fire on the Explorers’ lighter. The battery, one of the thousands of similar emplacements on Scitilla, was run by the Scintillan Planetary Defense Forces. Kaminus-Hal, taking the con of the Finitor, annihilated the battery with the ship’s lance.
  • When the Explorers arrived on the ship, they found a courier waiting for them. A package from Able Gerritt, Lord Captain of the Insolent, had arrived. The package contained a book and a letter addressed to Francisco.
  • Reports of brawling and feuding between the Sargosii Clan and the Burnscove Clan reached the Chief Bosun Malear’s attention. One of each clan’s elders were ordered to detail their heir to Lord Captain Coronado’s staff. Malear also learned from off-ship sources that political feuding between General Baraba Ganf of Vaxanide and Cardinal Fortis of the Periphery Subsector had escalated.
  • In a related incident, Francisco convened with Captain Nagan and Sister Superior Amalfi and convinced them to coordinate their security checkpoints with the ship’s armsmen. They detailed Sergeant Hadismal as their security liaison to the Command Deck, and agreed to dine with the Lord Captain that evening.
  • The hatch-watch program set up by Enginseer Prime Kaminus-Hal revealed information about the movements and deployment of the Hax Honour Guard as well as the fact that a door on the Mercy Decks had recently opened for the first time in 70 years. This eerily coincided with the disappearance of six crewmen, one lay techpriest among them. The Explorers decided to investigate.
  • After fighting off a pack of Hullghasts, the Explorers discovered the Oubliette, the Coronado Dynasty’s hidden repository of the forbidden. One missing crewman lay dead outside the door, done in by a booby trap. They learned that the first chamber’s guardian, a bizarre murder-servitor called the Marquis d’Montez, had slaughtered the remaining missing crewman and fought a seventh crewman to a standstill. They now have a picture of the mysterious crewman, who fled the chamber after delivering a seemingly impossible blow to the Marquis.
  • The unknown crewman, and likely the Marquis d’Montez as well, seem to have escaped the Mercy Decks through a Ghilliam hole leading up into the Main Hold, bypassing the armsmen’s checkpoints From there, they might have gone anywhere aboard the ship.


Asorrells Asorrells

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